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broken garage door spring

Springs, or commonly referred to as "coils" are the main component of a garage door system. They carry all of the weight of a garage door and help you or the opener, lift it up and down. Their size and strength are proportional to the weight of a garage door. Single garage doors (8x7 or 9x7) are usually equipped with extension springs on each side. A double garage door (16x7) will always have torsion spring/s

Cost to replace garage door torsion spring is $100-$250 depending on the size of the springs. Replacement of extension springs cost is  $80 - $150, again depending on size.

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Tangled garage door cable

Replacing or re-attaching your garage door cable may seem like an easy task, but please do not attempt to do it yourself. It involves releasing tension off the springs and drums and adding the same tension back onto the system. Normally around 200 lbs of torque is transferred on the cables. An average cost is usually around $75-$100 - not worth a possible injury.

Poor balance, a broken roller, broken garage door cable or broken garage door spring all can cause a door to come off its tracks, pushing and bending the tracks in the process, even damaging the garage door itself. Tracks are in sections and often can be repaired or, if need be, easily replaced. Depending on the extent of the damage prices may vary between $50-$200

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Note that the average price does not reflect additional options (keypads, touch-pads, network adapters, battery packs etc.)