The little things that can make a big difference on your wallet. 

Simple maintenance tasks will prolong the life of an overhead door system and make a noticeable difference in it's performance.
Here are some quick tips for your garage door care: 
  • Garage door torsion spring adjustment or replacement - over time torsion springs lose their strength and lifting the door becomes harder for the opener and wears out its plastic gear faster. When an opener struggles to lift a door that is too heavy it may stop, return or jerk back and forward and may damage hinges, rollers, tracks, opener chain or belt rail, etc. 

  • Lubricating drums, springs and hinges - a door traveling smoothly can prolong its life and makes for a quiet operation. 

  • Replacing garage door rollers - old rollers can cause an expensive damage. Like any other wheel, rollers have bearings, which give out over time and quit turning and eventually break. When that happens the garage door comes off its track, bends the hinges, pushes on itself and exerts a lot of resistance on the opener. 

  • Replacing garage door cables - frayed or rusted lift cables can be a pretty dangerous thing to overlook. In case they brake, there is nothing else holding the heavy door up and it may slam down on itself.

  • Adjusting garage opener's travel limits and power - power outages and surges may reset your operator settings. In such case the opener does not know when to stop opening or closing the garage door, resulting in improper operation or none at all.